Live Smart!
Discover ways to adopt a WaterSmart lifestyle
Save Water and Money at Home

We're all in this together. Using water efficiently is a responsibility that comes along with the benefits of living in our beautiful Mediterranean climate – and it also helps control your water costs! As residents, we can all improve how we use and conserve this valuable natural resource in and around our homes.

Plan Smart!
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Boost Water-Use Efficiency in Your Community

Homeowner associations can significantly boost water-use efficiency in their communities. Doing so may save money, reduce maintenance and enhance or protect property values. For instance, upgrading common areas with landscaping appropriate for the region’s climate and conducting proper maintenance can deliver tangible benefits.

Work Smart!
Find out how to run a WaterSmart company
Being Water Wise Can Help Your Bottom Line

Urban and agricultural businesses have a special opportunity to enhance our region’s WaterSmart culture. Adopting water-efficient practices indoors and outdoors can help your bottom line and demonstrate your organization’s dedication to the wise use of natural resources to your customers and employees.

Serve Smart!
Discover ways to implement WaterSmart practices
Large Outdoor Areas Can Increase Water-Use Efficiency

Public agencies and institutions have a responsibility to be as water efficient as possible, both indoors and outdoors. In fact, public agencies and institutions typically use large amounts of water in parks or at schools which may provide more opportunities to improve water use efficiency.

Learn Smart!
Find WaterSmart resources for educators and kids
Educating Students to Be WaterSmart

Schools can help students understand the value of WaterSmart lifestyles. For more than 30 years, the Water Authority has offered educational programs to help students understand where our water comes from and the value of not wasting it.

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