Water Authority Launches Mobile App to Help Report and Fix Water Waste Countywide

App sends photos or videos of water waste straight to local agencies for follow-up
August 25, 2015

The San Diego County Water Authority has launched a smartphone app that enables users across the region to report water waste such as broken sprinklers, excess irrigation and potential violations of local water-use rules with the option of including a photo or video.

The Water Authority developed the app – “When in Drought, Report Waste” – in partnership with its 24 member water agencies to help inform property owners, meet state water-use reduction targets and avoid state fines. The Water Authority’s member agencies are responsible for responding to water waste reports generated for their service areas.

The app is free and available for both iPhone and Android devices through their respective app stores. There also is a link to the app on the Water Authority’s website, www.sdcwa.org/when-in-drought-report-waste-mobile-app.

After downloading the app, users can report waste by either entering an address, or using the geolocation feature to pinpoint the location of the problem. Users then select from a list of common problems and have the option to enter more detailed information. Users also may include a video or photo of the problem.

The app includes other features such as links to online water conservation resources and rebates, a local water agency map and locator, and additional information about local and state restrictions. It can be used across all areas of the county served by the Water Authority’s member agencies.

The Water Authority developed the app as part of its enhanced regional drought response and outreach efforts its Board of Directors approved in May. The Water Authority also enhanced its “When in Drought” advertising campaign, added funding to programs that offer free home water use surveys, and is developing new water-efficient landscape education resources for homeowners and landscape professionals.