Rain Barrel Rebates

The SoCal Water$mart program provides financial incentives to encourage customers to collect and re-use rainwater by purchasing rain barrels or a cistern. Rain barrels and cisterns collect water from gutters and downspouts for use on your landscape while reducing the amount of water flowing into storm drains. Watch our 1-Minute Guide to Rain Barrel Installation below to see how easy it is.

Homeowners can get rebates of up to $35 each on residential rain barrels (up to 2 per home) OR $250-$350 for a cistern, depending on capacity. Visit SoCal Water$mart for more information on rebates from the Metropolitan Water District.

If you are a City of San Diego customer, you may be eligible to participate in their Residential Rainwater Harvesting (Rain Barrel) Rebate Pilot Program. You must be a City of San Diego water utility customer to participate in their program. Please note that this is a separate program and may have a separate application process and qualification criteria.

The Solana Center for Environmental Innovation offers discounted rain barrels that are eligible for rebates. Visit Rainwater - Catch It San Diego! for more information on purchasing and caring for rain barrels and on rainwater harvesting. Rain barrels can also be found at local home improvement stores, nurseries and specialty stores such as San Diego Drums & Totes and Barrels & Branches. RainThanks offers rain harvesting products and installation services.

To purchase the rain barrel featured in this video for only $90 visit Solana Center for Environnmental Innovation's online ordering site.

Rain Barrel and Rainwater Maintenance

In general rain barrels should be cleaned at least once a year with a non-toxic cleaner such as vinegar. If stagnant water sitting in the barrel develops a foul smell, you may want to drain and clean the inside. Or try adding a capful of regular chlorine (laundry) bleach to a full rain barrel to prevent algae and microbes that cause buildup. This chlorine dilution is safe for your plants as long as you wait a few days before using the water. Also, keep a lid on your rain barrel to block sunlight and keep out debris. Sunlight promotes algae growth and debris will speed the growth of slime.

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