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In this section you’ll find great tips on how to create your water-wise home and garden. Look for sample photos, a list of resources, FAQs, and various incentives offered to help make it all come true. Our list of sample gardens will show you locations to get truly inspired. And don’t miss the Nifty 50 plant guide! Click on the links below to start exploring now.

Businesses can be water-smart too. From landscaping to indoor plumbing, we’ve collected the best advice for you. View the programs and services available for commercial landscaping and check what incentives are available. You’ll also find information on the Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper (QWEL) program and other commercial, industrial and institutional programs.

This unique program offers intensive education and guidance for replacing your thirsty landscape with a water-efficient, beautiful new design. Whether you choose the Four-Class Makeover Series, the Three-Hour Design Workshops, or just watch our Landscape Makeover Videos, you’ll receive expert guidance on how to achieve your landscape makeover.

A new rebate program for irrigation devices is available to qualified landscape contractors in San Diego County.

The WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program, or WSCIP, is designed to help commercial, public and agricultural property owners improve water-use efficiency in large landscapes, through rebates for irrigation hardware upgrades. School districts, universities, and other organizations are also eligible.

The program offers a comprehensive package of innovative irrigation devices. Bundling these four items leads to the greatest water efficiency, but at least two items must be installed to participate in the rebate program.

Rebates are offered for the following devices:

Smart Irrigation Controllers – $35 per station
High Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles – $6 per nozzle
Flow Sensors – $60 per sensor
Drip Irrigation – $0.20 per square foot