WaterSmart Landscaping in San Diego County

If you're looking to upgrade your landscape or just love gardens, then WaterSmartSDlandscaping.org is for you.

The San Diego County Water Authority’s WaterSmart landscaping website has thousands of pictures of plants and garden designs that are well-suited to our Mediterranean climate. Take visual tours of beautiful, water-efficient landscapes through photographs that include hotlinks to plant information screens. 

Pictures are organized by landscape category to make them easy to find. Explore galleries of ideas for back yards, front yards, hillsides, patios, planters and other outdoor living areas.

Just looking for plants? The website offers more than 1,000 plants and search tools that make plants easy to find. Explore lawn alternatives, butterfly-attracting plants, plants for fire safety, California natives and more.

While you’re exploring, save plant and garden images you like, then print reports about them before you shop. 

Click here for this interactive, web-based gardening tool.