New Rebates Offered for Residential Rain Barrels

Savings of up to $75 on each residential rain barrel
October 10, 2013

Rain BarrelSan Diego County homeowners can now get rebates of up to $75 on each residential rain barrel (up to 4 per home) as part of extensive regional efforts to promote wise use of water.

Collecting and reusing rainwater is an easy way to use water more efficiently. A rain barrel collects water from gutters and downspouts for use on your water efficient landscape while reducing the amount of water flowing into storm drains.

To be eligible for a rebate, the rain barrels must be a minimum of 50 gallons and be designed for the intended purpose of rain capture. Residential rebate program details are at

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and its member agencies, including the Water Authority, fund the rain barrel rebates along with similar programs for other water-related devices.