WaterSmart Landscaping Videos On Demand

Learn how to upgrade and maintain your yard at home or on the go.

Learning how to enhance outdoor water-use efficiency is more convenient than ever thanks to a series of online videos that guides homeowners through the process of transforming conventional yards into water-efficient landscapes.

The WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Program’s Videos On Demand series expands access to the Water Authority’s award-winning WaterSmart Landscape Makeover classes, which offer in-depth instruction for upgrading turf yards into water-efficient landscapes that will thrive in the San Diego region. Designed for viewing on computer or mobile device, the video series condenses the program’s main content into 17 short episodes, beginning with an introduction to regional water issues followed by six steps for implementing a successful landscape makeover.


Viewers follow the host – local landscape expert Sharon Lowe – as she helps participants identify water-use efficiency targets, create a basic plot plan, evaluate their sites and soils, design personalized WaterSmart landscapes, and implement their plans by removing turf and installing water-efficient landscapes. Viewers also learn how to care for their WaterSmart landscapes to keep them thriving while saving water. While the videos are designed to be watched in sequence, viewers interested in specific subjects can select individual episodes.


Homeowners interested in taking the full class series in person can still do so. Details about upcoming classes and video series are at LandscapeMakeover.WaterSmartSD.org