WaterSmart Landscape Makeover Videos On Demand

This series of videos mirrors the content of the workshops and four-class series and will take you step-by-step through the process of creating your very own beautiful, water-efficient landscape. From measuring your property to getting to know your soil to picking the right plants for the right place, these entertaining and informative videos will guide you along the path to a WaterSmart landscape.

Episode 1: WaterSmart San Diego County

Episode 2: WaterSmart Series Overview

Episode 3: Identify Your WaterSmart Target

Episode 4: Create a Plot Plan

Episode 5: Get To Know Your Soil

Episode 6: Build Healthy Soil

Episode 7: Put Your Soil To Work

Episode 8: Rediscover Your Yard

Episode 9: Pick Your Plants

Episode 10: Shape Your Space

Episode 11: Design for Curb Appeal

Episode 12: Create a Garden To Live In

Episode 13: Draw Your Garden Design

Episode 14: Irrigate Like A Pro

Episode 15: Toss Your Turf

Episode 16: Install Your WaterSmart Garden

Episode 17: Care For Your WaterSmart Landscape

Episode 18: First Flush of Rainwater

Episode 19: Catch the Rain

Episode 20: Store the Rain