WaterSmart Landscape Efficiency Program

Statement of Interest

The San Diego County Water Authority is seeking approximately 20 commercial-scale landscapes for participation in a program that has demonstrated significant outdoor water-use reductions through a combination of training, hardware upgrades and technical assistance valued at more than $15,000 per site. Applicants have until March 31 to file statements of interest in the WaterSmart Landscape Efficiency Program. The program is made possible by Proposition 84 grant funding from the California Department of Water Resources. 

Participants will be selected by the Water Authority based on compatibility with program priorities, technical requirements, and other considerations. This is a technically rigorous program subject to a demanding implementation schedule. The program requires joint participation by the property owner and the landscape maintenance contractor. Installation costs are the sole responsibility of participating property owners. Other conditions apply.


  • Targeted water savings of at least 20 percent relative to a three-year baseline
  • Hardware upgrades including leak repair, pressure regulation, distribution uniformity improvements, flow sensors and smart controllers
  • Irrigation management to a water budget with performance-based incentives
  • Training and technical assistance for landscape maintenance contractors


  • Large commercial-scale landscapes on dedicated, potable water meters
  • Typical sites include parks, HOAs, apartments, schools, etc.
  • A program site is a four-acre irrigated area
  • Participants are responsible for hardware installation and keeping landscape maintenance contract for duration of the program and for at least one year after completion


Interested parties are invited to complete, sign, and return a Statement of Interest Form to the Water Authority by March 31, 2018. Approximately 20 sites that meet qualifying requirements will be selected to participate in the program, based on the order in which the Statement of Interest was received, while also achieving geographic diversity within the Water Authority’s service area.


  • Jan.-Feb. 2018 – Enrollment
  • Mar. 2018 – Hardware Upgrades
  • Apr. 2018 – Mar. 2019 – Water Use Monitoring
  • May 2019 – Performance fee payments

Contact Don Clark at (949) 390-4478 or don.clark@scsmail.com                    

This program is made possible by a Propositon 84 grant from the State of California and the San Diego County Water Authority.