As an owner or manager of an urban or agricultural business, you want to do your part to save water, but you’ve also got to make your budget balance. Good news: The Water Authority offers a number of water-saving programs that can help you do both. The programs listed below are designed to allow urban and agricultural businesses to achieve water savings through assessments, device retrofits and water-efficient landscape practices.


Programs & Incentives

Incentives and services offered by the Water Authority and local water agencies may help offset the costs of becoming WaterSmart.

Tools & Resources

If you are looking to upgrade your landscape or just love gardens, then the website

The moderate and virtually frost-free coastal and inland valley areas of San Diego county are able to support a wide variety of subtropical crops, making the San Diego...

Case Studies

Kearny Mesa Commercial Site
CHALLENGE Headquartered in San Diego, Solar Turbines Inc. (a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc) manufactures industrial gas turbines for electric...
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Poway Commercial Site
CHALLENGE Owners of a two-acre commercial site in Poway, Calif., wanted to reduce high water bills and restore plant health.
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